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Rural Dean: Lis Ward 01205 355172

Parish Administrator - Church Warden: Fay Baillie 01205 723529

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Are you looking for Christian and Church Gifts

Posted on Mar 12, 2019

HOLYART: SACRED ARTS, CRAFTS AND DECOR FOR DAILY LIFE Founded in 2007 by a challenge, Holyart has become the largest European platform for the sales of sacred arts and religious items with a unique 360 advantage. The company sells a wide variety of items ranging from: life-size statues to thousands of miniature Nativity Scene figurines, sacred furnishings and vestments, food and wine for mass, cosmetics and herbal products from monsteries and precious accessories for all special occasions. Try it by visting their web site.


Posted on Mar 2, 2019

We will observe Ash Wednesday – March 6 th with the imposition of Ashes in our Group Churches. Ashes have always been a sign of repentance, and examples of this can be found frequently in scripture. You may remember that the sinful Ninevites responded to Jonah’s call to repent by putting on sackcloth and sitting in ashes . And some people become self-conscious about a little mark on their forehead! Can you imagine what you would look like after sitting in ashes?

Scripture also tells us that Job , after having endured his trials and tribulations, repents before God with dust and ashes. And that’s nothing compared to Jeremiah, who calls for Israel’s repentance by putting on sackcloth and rolling in ashes . Finally, Jesus reproaches certain cities for their lack of repentance, and their unwillingness to put on ashes and...


Posted on Dec 7, 2018

Safeguarding in the Parish of Kirton – SS Peter & Paul– who’s who?

The Parish Safeguarding Officer Graham Brignall Contact number 01205 317589

Churchwarden/ Parish Administrator F a y Baillie Contact number 01205 723529

Who will you talk to if you observe or are told about Safeguarding concerns?

Name: Graham Brgnall Contact number 01205 317589

Symbols used in Holy Baptism

Posted on Oct 26, 2018

Water “…God uses the sacrament of water to give his divine life to those who believe in him.” “…cleanse him from sin in a new birth to innocence by water and the Spirit.” - From the rite of baptism. Reflecting on our history, we see how water was created to cleanse and give life. In the very beginning of creation (Gen 1:2), the spirit of God breathed on the waters of the earth. In the great flood, water marks the end of sin and a new beginning of goodness. The Israelites passed through the Red Sea and were delivered from slavery into freedom. In the waters of the Jordan, Jesus was baptized by John and anointed with the Spirit. In baptism we “pass through water” - a sign of our participation in the death of Christ and his emergence into freedom. Freed from the power of evil; the power of God’s life and love will prevail. Paschal...

Vicars Blog

Posted on Oct 24, 2018

The View from the Vicarage.

Very recently I was asked to preach at a day of renewal in the City of Leicester, a very large and ethnically diverse City, almost a world apart from rural Lincolnshire. I took as a starting place a quote from a poem by the late Sir John Betjeman entitled “A Lincolnshire Church” it was in fact St Margaret’s Church in Huttoft just up the coast from here. Betjeman describes this amazing church then turns his attention to the village and community around it, and I quote, And around it, turning their backs, The usual sprinkle of villas; The usual woman in slacks, Cigarette in her mouth, Regretting Americans, stands As a wireless croons in the kitchen Manicuring her hands. Dear old, bloody old England Of telegraph poles and tin, Seemingly so indifferent And with so little soul to win....

Weekly Newsletter October 21st

Posted on Oct 18, 2018

On Sunday October 21st we offer a Said Eucharist at 8:00am in the Parish Church and then we gather at 10:30am for a United Worship service at Kirton Methodist Church on London Road.

Next Sunday we commemorate SS Simon and Jude at our 11:00am Parish Eucharist – there will be special hymns and readings for this feast day.

THANK YOU! We extend sincere thanks to all those members of the congregation who have increased their weekly giving over the last few weeks. Thanks also to those who have set up Standing Orders and those who have taken Free Will Offering Envelopes for their giving to God’s Church and mission. If you have not yet responded, please help us by returning your completed letter to our Treasurer team – Sally or Muriel.

ALGARKIRK MESSY CHURCH COMES TO KIRTON on Sunday October 28th at 1-30pm. As Algarkirk Church is temporarily closed for restoration,...