St Peter and St Paul's


Rural Dean: Lis Ward 01205 355172

Parish Administrator - Church Warden: Fay Baillie 01205 723529

Treasurer - Church Warden: Simon Fletcher 07547 729017

Weekly Newsletter October 21st

On Sunday October 21st we offer a Said Eucharist at 8:00am in the Parish Church and then we gather at 10:30am for a United Worship service at Kirton Methodist Church on London Road. Next Sunday we commemorate SS Simon and Jude at our 11:00am Parish...

Weekly Newsletter

The Parish Church of SS Peter & Paul, Kirton in Holland. Sunday: The Parish Eucharist at 11:00AM followed by Coffee. Thursday: Holy Eucharist at 9:30AM Daily Morning & Evening Prayer at 9am and 5pm except Sunday morning and Monday. Saints Days and Holy Days as announced. Please note the...