St Peter & St Paul’s Church, Kirton, Lincolnshire PE20 1EH
Rural Dean: Post vacant
Parish Administrator – Church Warden: Fay Baillie 01205 723529

About safeguarding – what do we stand for?

“The pattern of living that is revealed through Jesus in his relationships with others means that abuse of any kind is emphatically contrary to the will of God and an affront to human dignity. This places a heavy responsibility upon the Church and its members to do everything possible to prevent or halt it.”

‘Safeguarding’ is the term we use to describe the action taken to promote the welfare of individuals who are vulnerable and the action we take to protect them from harm and abuse of all kinds. Safeguarding is a term that is applied in relation to both children and adults. It requires a proactive approach and places equal importance on the promotion of welfare and protection from abuse. It is essentially an approach that states we all have the right to feel safe all of the time and that an individual’s safety should be guarded well. Further it implies that we have a responsibility to each other in promoting safety and in challenging and preventing abuse.The Diocese of Lincoln, and the parish of Kirton, are committed to ensuring that the very best practice in relation to safeguarding is delivered across the diocese from the response of the local parish-based volunteer to the Bishops. We promote without question the working principle that Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. There is no excuse for anyone within the Church not to take very seriously their duties in respect of promoting the welfare and protection of anyone, child or adult, who is vulnerable.

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